Improve Decision Making

Do your officers have access to the data they need to guide your organization? With groupable:m2 you can provide simple secure access based on assigned roles and offices held to your members, staff, and executive leadership.

Informed decision making requires access to accurate up to date information.

groupable:m2, with its integrated system for local lodges/chapters/clubs, districts, regions, areas and top level structures, can provide your leaders access to a vast collection of data including member/officer contact information, lodge/chapter/club contact information, lodge/chapter/club finances, member statistics, renewal rates, dues collections, and more.

groupable:m2 controls access to information based on the role of the user, such as "Home Office Read/Write", or "District Read Only". Roles can be automatically assigned based on the offices a member holds. Your organization can assign privileges to access features and data based on roles. This empowers your leadership to both grant and control access to data. You control what everyone sees.

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With ready access to accurate data your organization can improve decision making at all levels of your organization. groupable:m2 empowers your organization to tackle the challenges of the future with accurate pertinent data.