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Introducing Groupable

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With your security and privacy at the top of the list, groupable:connect provides a custom branded platform for you to improve member engagement, raise meeting attendance, increase member renewals, streamline dues billing and payments, raise charitable donations, and more.



Is your software

holding you back?

groupable:m2 is the member manager designed from the ground up to solve the problems of functionality, accuracy, access, transparency, and security.


groupable:m2 provides a complete system that simplifies secure access to data at all organizational levels for all officers, automates member life-cycle management and plural/dual member state management, transparently integrates annual lodge/chapter/club billing with recorded member events, standardizes lodge/chapter/club dues tracking, enforces lodge/chapter/club financial controls and accounting standards, easily manages membership endowments, integrates charitable donation tracking and charitable development, set Custom APIs, and a lot more.

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