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Groupable AutoPay

Groupable|autopay harnesses groupable|payments to automate member renewal, allowing your members to pay their annual dues and make annual donations with installment payments.

What makes this unique? The most important feature of groupable|autopay is the ability to choose between annual, quarterly, or monthly installments so the member can maintain their membership while making affordable payments, rather than demitting, requiring a remit, or going NPD. In the past, Secretaries might have arranged a payment schedule and collected multiple checks or cash for a member who was having trouble making a single catch-up payment. Now this is all automated - including the record keeping.


groupable|payments are recorded instantly in the groupable|m2 database, and detailed receipts are emailed to the member and Secretary. When Treasurers login to the database, they can view the lodge’s electronic deposit history and match the daily Groupable Payment deposits with the local’s bank statements, making reconciliation easy.

Build trust at all levels of your organization. groupable|autopay emails members itemized receipts,  and instantly updates the member record with their payment.


Maintain your membership roster by streamlining member renewal. Move away from check-based payments. Lower NPD rates. 


District Dashboard

Improve membership renewals through consistent email communications, and standardizing the billing and collection of lodge/chapter/club dues. By standardizing these practices you can increase membership renewals through: online secure payments, consistent record keeping, electronic dues invoicing automated payment reminders.

Use of these tools is proven to lower two-year NPD rates to 2%.


Let us help you improve member retention too!

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