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Bring Order to Chaos..

Much More Than a Mobile App

Being online is a modern necessity, but organizations with local lodges/chapters/clubs have a significant challenge in presenting a consistent message, image, and brand online.

Every lodge/chapter/club wants an online presence, so they build a custom web page, get a facebook page, use, start a Google Calendar, open a MailChimp account, or who knows!! It all adds up to an unmanageable mess.


groupable:connect brings order to the chaos. groupable:connect provides a mobile app, web based member portal, public facing web sites, automated email updates, group calendars, news feeds, push notifications, in-app messaging, and more for every lodge/chapter/club, district, and region in your organization.

OLP-mobile-ScreenShot (1).png

These tools provide your organization with an always up to date pervasive consistent Internet presence, a single source of information for your members, a consistent communication channel, weekly automated customized emails with pertinent information for each member, and much more.

groupable:connect is the complete solution to your organization’s online engagement and brand needs.

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