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Manage, Grow

The member platform to retain more members; improve member engagement; streamline communications; improve record keeping; speed dues invoicing and collections; have a professional Internet website;  manage local chapters; and more. Groupable has you covered.


What is Groupable

Groupable is a suite of products designed to empower membership organizations to communicate effortlessly, increase member engagement, and more. See our benefits section for more.


The groupable suite includes an enterprise membership manager, comprehensive website hosting and branding, private member portal, mobile app, Custom APIs, and more.


Benefits of using Groupable

What Our Users Are Saying

... was on a meeting with other secretaries the other night and there were no complaints only positives. From what I can tell everyone is in love with the system and working hard to get everything up to date... Keep up the great work - having done data conversions before, I know what an amazing job you have done in a 3-month period!

Com. Charles E. Knapp Jr.

Secretary, Royal Arch Pennsylvania

  • Know Your Members

  • Accurately Manage Member Life-Cycle Events

  • Communicate with Your Members

  • Engage Your Members

  • Make Member Renewal Easy

  • Self-Managed Contact Info for Accuracy

  • Minimize Unnecessary Postal Expenses

  • Comprehensive User Support

  • Exceptional support for all users

  • Support for local users and officers, district officers, and Parent Body Office.

  • Online Trainings

  • In-Person Trainings

  • Live Support Sessions

  • Office Hours

  • Friendly and Knowledgeable

  • Know Your Organization

  • Improve Organization Transparency

  • Improve Financial Performance, Financial Controls

  • Manage Endowed Members

  • Simplify and Speed Billing of Locals

  • Consolidate Charitable Development and Fundraising into One System

  • Custom APIs for Websites and Other Integrations

  • Hosted and Secure

  • What can groupable do?

  • Improve Member Renewals, Prevent Losses

  • Allow for Informed Decisionmaking

  • Improve Member Engagement & Trust

  • Reduce User Training Workload

  • Increase Member Engagement

  • Improve Member Records

  • Protect Financial Integrity 

  • Improved Organizational Health

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