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Member Management

groupable:m2 was built from the ground up to manage comprehensive member management far beyond the typical tracking of names, addresses, emails, and basic bio information. Groupable:m2 isn’t just a beefed up contact tracking system.


groupable:m2 grew out of Masonic Fraternal member record tracking. Masonic member records are some of the most complex and complete records in the membership world. You get to benefit from this power and flexibility.


groupable:m2 tracks the following member information:

  • Name

  • Preferred name

  • Member number

  • Length of membership

  • Organizational status

  • Biographic information such as date of birth, occupations, spouse info, and more

  • Military service

  • Contact information including physical address (with snowbird support), phones, emails, websites, and more

  • Contact preferences

  • Dues status and balances

  • Awards

  • Training courses taken

  • Certifications

  • Membership timeline

  • Life-cycle events for parent organization membership, as well as local chapter memberships

  • Current and historical offices held

  • Ad-hoc notes

  • Complete email correspondence history

  • Local chapter memberships including:

    • Separate status for each chapter a member belongs to,

    • Separate dues status,

    • Current and historical offices held,

  • And more.


Additionally member records can be extended with custom fields and attributes as necessary.


All information is shared between the parent organization, and local chapters. Access is secured with security roles and rules so users can only manipulate the information they are authorized to change.

Local Chapter Management

groupable:m2 includes comprehensive functions for managing local chapters:

  • Creating, suspending, merging, and more,

  • Managing the assignment of officers,

  • Related officers,

  • Officer histories,

  • Locations,

  • Meeting schedules,

  • Merger histories,

  • Ad-hoc notes, 

  • And more.

groupable:m2 grew out of the Masonic fraternal world and as such has been managing the records for thousands of Masonic lodges in the United States for over 15 years.


Officer Information


groupable:m2 allows any roster of possible officers to be assigned to a local chapter. What offices are available is completely up to you. Additionally you can assign user rights based on what office a user holds in a local chapter. 


By default groupable:m2 allows local officers to control the assignment of officers. For organizations that need to control this we have full life-cycle support available in groupable:m2 enterprise.


At the enterprise level groupable:m2 supports a complete life-cycle workflow around the election and installation of officers for local chapters. When a local chapter elects new officers these changes can be submitted to the parent organization for approval. Once an election is certified and accepted by the parent organization the system will automatically record the prior officers information in the history of the chapter and on the members’ records, assign the new officers to the chapter, and create current office entries for the new officers.


This process allows the parent organization to control the assignment of officers in groupable:m2 enterprise. For organizations with simpler compliance needs they can allow local chapters to directly edit their officers.

Chapter Mergers


Inevitably if you have local chapters you will eventually need to merge two of them together. groupable:m2 has robust support for merging local chapters. All chapter records are preserved through a merger. Merging chapters is a matter of a few clicks. 

Member Management
Local Chapter Management
Local Chapter Management Financials

Local Chapter Management, Financials 

groupable:m2 includes a system for local chapters to manage budgeting, receipt of funds, expense tracking, and expense authorization.


The local chapter financial module is predicated around a separation of responsibilities between a chapter secretary/controller who tracks receipts and issues authorizations for expenditures, and a chapter treasurer who actually writes checks and manages deposit accounts. This separation of responsibilities brings transparency to financial transactions in a local chapter and protects the assets of the chapter by spreading responsibility and authority with checks and balances



Local chapters each have a budget they can configure with their choice of income and expense categories. All receipts and expenses are tracked against these categories for reporting, and auditing purposes.

Receipt Tracking


Local chapters can track receipts from members and non-members alike. groupable:m2 supports split transactions, fundraising, and dues payments. 

Expense Tracking


Over 15 years of building and supporting software for local chapters, we have learned they typically have a lot more ways to spend money than make money. We have designed the expense tracking system in groupable:m2 to accommodate all while keeping it simple.


Using categories and subcategories local chapters can track expenses with a high level of granularity. This provides just the right level of detail without overwhelming a local chapter user with a double entry accounting system.

Expense Authorization


Controlling the issuance of payments is built into the financial module of groupable:m2. A chapter can issue a vouchers/warrant/authorization for payment from the controller to the treasurer. This provides transparency in all payments and double check on all checks issued by the treasurer. 


End of Year Process


Local chapters using the groupable:m2 financial module can easily close their year and audit their books with the audit committee over a short meeting. Having clear auditable records can assure the proper financial performance of the chapter.


Local Dues Billing and Online Payments


groupable:m2 includes a built in system for tracking annual dues payments, aging reports and integrates with groupable:connect for emailed dues notices, online payments and reminders.


Groupable Payments

Easy Payment Processing!

Now you can automate and simplify dues invoicing and payment recording for your local group.




Join hundreds of other local groups using Groupable Payments to save time and get paid faster.

Over $1.9 million in payments processed.


Proven Benefits

  • Save time - local groups are run by volunteers, and your time is valuable. Don't waste it trying to collect and record payments!

  • Save money on mailing and postage

  • Save money by preventing non-renewals, remits, and lower NPD rates

  • Receive faster payments, without trips to the post office or the bank

  • Improved accuracy of records and security for audits

Easy online payments


Take payments quickly and securely

Groupable Payments saves you time invoicing and receiving, tracking, and depositing your member payments, and managing your local group's finances.

Your members can pay their membership dues and donations online from their computer or mobile device.

Everyone can rest easy knowing that Groupable payment processing is certified PCI DSS compliant, following the highest payment security standards. 

Integrated Payment Processing


To give you a streamlined experience, Groupable Payments is powered by WePay, a service by JPMorgan Chase, an integrated payment solutions provider with 12 years of experience.

With Groupable Payments, you get:

  • Unlimited free support from the Groupable team (including phone and screen share support)

  • No setup or application fees

  • No monthly fees (no use fees and no inactivity fees charged by other payment processors!)

  • Automatic surcharging for credit cards

  • Integrated payments - your members make their payments in your local group's OLP site, not on a third-party payment website like PayPal

  • Integrated record-keeping - your members' payments and the daily transfer deposit get recorded directly in the groupable:m2 app

  • Automatic daily deposits get transferred into your local group's bank account within 24-72 hours

  • Secure storage of credit card numbers for repeat payments

  • Itemized receipts emailed to your members

  • Payment notifications and deposit notifications emailed to you

Groupable AutoPay Coming Exclusively to Groupable Payments in 2021: opt in to turn on recurring payments and installments!

Streamlined Invoicing


Groupable eliminates the hassle of invoicing and processing payments by automatically generating invoices based on your members' Dues Owed in groupable:m2.

When an online payment is processed, an itemized receipt is emailed to the member, you receive an automated email confirmation, and an itemized payment record is created in groupable:m2 in your member's record and for all your local group reporting needs. 


Member Self-Service

Let your members do the work and build their trust!

Members can manage their OLP account from any computer or mobile device, making payments and updating their contact information, all without any labor on your part.

Your members will also know that their payment is received and deposited promptly, no questions about whether their check got lost in the mail, is sitting on a desk for weeks, or waiting to be recorded on their member record.

Financial Reporting


groupable:m2 provides built-in Income and Expense Reporting - without the spreadsheets. You can enter cash and check payments alongside the Online Payments, so all your local group's Income is recorded in one place. You and your other officers can view a breakdown of your Income by source, see summaries of Donations and Dues payments by payment type, and track Dues Owed (receivables) by Dues Year. All financial records are exportable to Excel and end-of-budget-period reporting is straightforward.

Mobile Record-keeping


Manage invoicing and record member payments from your mobile device in real time with groupable:m2. 

District, Region, and Area Management

District, Region, and Area Management

groupable:m2 enterprise supports four levels of organization: parent organization (Grand Lodge, National, etc.), regions, districts, and chapters. (These labels can be configured to match your needs.) At all of these levels groupable:m2 tracks officers with associated permissions to use the system and view data.


Regional and district users have access to aggregate statistics and analytics for the part of the organization they are responsible for.

Annual Chapter Per-Member Billing

Annual Chapter PerMember Billing

groupable:m2 enterprise has a robust system for billing annual per-member dues to local chapters. If your organization collects dues via your local chapters then groupable:m2 has you covered. All of our annual billing is tied to the life-cycle events entered on member records throughout the year. 


groupable:m2 enterprise has many models of operation for processing end of year reports from local chapters including closing each chapter’s report/bill separately, or batch closing all reports on a date certain. Many of our organizations using groupable:m2 are able to close their annual membership records within 5-10 days. Once reports are closed, local chapters can download archival printouts of their reports and invoices. All payments can be recorded in groupable:m2. For interested organizations, groupable:m2 can support online payment of per-capita dues.

Related Organization Support

Related Organization Support

Does your organization have sister-organizations? Do you need to track memberships held by your members in those sister-organizations? If you do, we have you covered. 


groupable:m2 enterprise has a robust system for tracking membership in related organizations. groupable:m2 enterprise can enforce rules based on membership in other organizations, report life-cycle events to other organizations and more.



Does your organization really have multiple organizations with individual identities and a shared membership pool. If you do we have you covered.

groupable:m2 enterprise custom edition supports multi-tenancy where a group of related organizations can share the basic contact and bio information for a group of people and track separate membership information about them.

Bulk Email & Data Exports

Bulk Email & Data Exports

groupable:m2 supports robust sending of emails to ad-hoc membership segments. Bulk email is available at all levels of your organization with appropriate filtering of members based on memberships held in local chapters. 

Users at the regional, district, and local chapter only have access to the member records in their part of the organization. Users at the parent organization level have access to bulk email all members.


groupable:m2 handles CAN-SPAM, bounce marking and more automatically for you. All communications sent to each member are listed on their membership record providing a complete historical view all communications a member has received.

Officer Tracking

groupable:m2 pro and enterprise offer robust support for tracking officers at all levels of your organization from the local chapter, up to your parent organization. groupable:m2 allows you to configure what offices are available at each level and manage the current holders of the office.


Additionally system permissions can be tied to what offices a user holds. This provides an easy way to manage users of the system. No one needs to enable or disable permissions when a user takes office or leaves office.

Officer Tracking
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