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Groupable Solutions

Grand Body Management

Member Management

Manage all of your membership records in a user-friendly, modern interface. Real-time data entry allows Local Secretaries to update records effortlessly. Grand Bodies receive member data year-round, giving leaders the information they need at all times and reducing or eliminating the once-a-year time crunch.

Members can update contact information and communication preferences from the member portal, allowing your organization to communicate with greater confidence and reliability.

Grand Body Management

Grand Body Management

Save time and money while creating archival-quality records for the future. Eliminate dependencies on legacy servers and databases. Improve the accuracy and timeliness of your recordkeeping and achieve real-time reporting.

Gain trust in your data, and trust in your database.


Get timely and accurate Reports from your membership management system including:

  • Custom Endowment Calculations

  • Consolidated 990s

  • Annual Member Activity Reports

  • Annual Local Filings & Billing

Grand Body Management

Local Management

Local Lodge and Chapter management become effortless with a single source of truth in an accurate, reliable system. New and existing secretaries and DDs have easy access to Groupable support and training services year-round, reducing the support burden for the Grand Officers, too!​

District, Region, and Area Management

Incredible Onboarding & Training

Empower your organization with excellent data migration you can trust. The robust 70+ step Groupable Migration process ensures that your current and legacy data is transferred to groupable in a usable format, ready for you to continue your operations without disruption. Confidently archive or retire those legacy servers and drives sitting in your office.

Empower your users. Groupable's Specialized Onboarding is a comprehensive support system that ensures your office staff, leaders, and members are fully equipped to use our platform. Our mutual goal is deep adoption and successful leaders, so we co-host sessions with your leadership. For users' convenience, we offer daytime and evening training every month. We're here to support you every step of the way. Every user has access to training.

Your success is our priority.

District, Region, and Area Management

Member Portal & Public Facing Presence

Communicate effectively and confidently with your members and the public. Use this space to craft a recognizable organizational presence. Engage your members so they understand the organization's mission and value their membership, reducing your annual member losses.

Local, district/regional, and grand body officers are empowered with easy-to-manage calendars, news posts, and more. Share your news and events with the world, or keep posts and events private for logged-in members. 

In the Member Portal, Members can effortlessly manage their information and contact preferences, and easily make online payments for dues, donations, or event fees. Digital Dues Cards replace costly paper or plastic dues cards for your active members.

District, Region, and Area Management

Charitable Donation Tracking

Does your organization have a charitable foundation or 501c3 affiliation? Groupable raiser puts accurate membership information at your fingertips, handles all aspects of fundraising reporting, and minimizes administrative overhead for your staff. Member Portal online donations sync automatically with Donor records. 

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