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Privacy Policy for Groupable Passport

Groupable Passport is a mobile application for iOS and Android that enables members to access a digital dues card. The Groupable Passport application works in conjunction with the Groupable Platform's membership management features to provide dues card information.


This statement is meant to inform our users of how we define, gather and utilize personally identifiable information. We will take reasonable steps to protect user privacy consistent within the guidelines set forth in this policy and the law. By using Groupable Passport, you consent to the following privacy policy.


Personal Information


User information such as organization, member number, and birthdate are collected when setting up your dues card. This information is only used to authenticate it with the existing information on file in your organization's Groupable membership database. The information provided at setup is not stored or used in any way to update the existing data in your organization's Groupable membership database. The information you provide during setup is only stored on your personal device for the purpose of keeping your dues and membership status up to date.


Third Parties

None of the information you provide to the application is shared with a third party.

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