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Groupable Raiser

You have a mission and a vision to make the world a better place, but you don't need Raiser's Edge to do so.  Groupable|raiser takes the headache out of fundraising, giving you the metrics you need to highlight important donor data, cultivate your relationships, and allow your team the ability to track and strategize for optimal impact.

Raiser is the next generation of relationships management that taps on nearly twenty years of experience of member management software. 

Build trust at all levels of your organization. groupable|autopay emails members itemized receipts,  and instantly updates the member record with their payment.


Maintain your membership roster by streamlining member renewal. Move away from check-based payments. Lower NPD rates. 


District Dashboard

Improve membership renewals through consistent email communications, and standardizing the billing and collection of lodge/chapter/club dues. By standardizing these practices you can increase membership renewals through: online secure payments, consistent record keeping, electronic dues invoicing automated payment reminders.

Use of these tools is proven to lower two-year NPD rates to 2%.


Let us help you improve member retention too!

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