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Our Lodge Page: A groupable:connect community for Freemasonry

Our Lodge Page can lower your Masonic organization's mailing expenses, elevate member engagement, raise meeting attendance, streamline dues billing and increase member renewals with online payments, raise online charitable donations, automate regular member outreach, improve public exposure and much more.

All Masonic organizations on the groupable platform get Our Lodge Page at no additional charge.

The Our Lodge Page groupable: connect member portal lets members engage and communicate with each other, maintain a group calendar, share photos, files, and more.

Our Lodge Page uses groupable: connect websites to provide a pervasive Internet presence for your Masonic organization by providing a professional website for every level of your organization: regions, district, areas, and lodges/chapters. Every site has a calendar, newsfeed, photo galleries, and more.

OLP-mobile-ScreenShot (1).png

The groupable: connect mobile application is an all- in-one native application for iOS and Android that provides real time calendars, a newsfeed, one-to-one and ad-hoc group instant messaging, secure access to member profile information for updates, mobile dues payments, and more.

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