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Support for All Users

Do your officers have access to the training they need to guide your organization? With groupable|m2, the local, district, and Parent Group Officers of your organization can attend regular support and training sessions held online.

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groupable|m2 support, with three trainings and four community groupable|Live! sessions a month, gives your members and officers unparalleled resources to learn and grow.

groupable|m2 doesn't just support your parent Office staff. The groupable team holds your organization's health and growth central to their mission. The support and the tools are designed to support your central office, your districts, and your local officers.

Trainings include Intro to Groupable, Financials, and Member Engagement. Groupable|Live! topics cover the use of tools to improve renewals, how to set up groupable|payments, seasonal topics (dues season, end-of-year, setting up budgets).

Coming soon: Office Hours! Work alongside other secretaries and the groupable team to complete your secretarial responsibilities, ask questions, and ease the workload.

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With ready access to accurate data your organization can improve decision making at all levels of your organization. groupable:m2 empowers your organization to tackle the challenges of the future with accurate pertinent data.

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